Earth Day is every day - it's how we think.

Re-Usable Everything from IMPWEARhome

Why buy and throw away tablecloths & napkins when you can reuse cloth napkins and our wipe-down laminated tablecloths for years to come?

Tablecloths, Aprons, Bags, Napkins, Lunch Sacks, Pouches
Replace all the paper, plastic & throw-away things.
(AND they make great Mother's Day gifts - for you and your mother.)

Our fabrics (which we started designing almost 3 years ago) are eco-friendly because the lamination is made from a water-based Urethane coating. It's heat-set into the top of the printed cotton - melted and pressed between huge rollers to "laminate" it to the printed cotton. Other "oilcloths" are laminated with PVC, using toxic chemicals to stick the coating on. Those fabrics will never biodegrade. Ours will. Long after you're done with it.

Don't worry, our napkins are not laminated... 



Here are some Earth day is Every Day ideas to try:

We do a little bit every day - How?

  • We donate our production scraps to arts and education organizations. Do you know one that needs some?
  • We buy recycled office products when possible.
  • We buy used equipment, electronics. We love Craigslist!
  • We use recycled boxes for shipping wholesale orders. (Thank you, Amazon, for making these readily available around the 'hood) 
  • I work at home & use my bike, scooter or electric car for errands, which we batch to limit resources used, walking whenever possible. 
  • When searching for new parts for our products we always consider biodegradability and made in the USA first!
  • We started following @intentionalism on Instagram to get simple ideas each day.
  • We use cloth napkins & tablecloths - duh.
  • We try to remember our Denny totes for shopping.
  • My husband commutes to work on a bike and train. 
  • We recycle everything we can, including plastics, papers, metals - thank you Seattle for making this so easy!
  • We tried for a bit to go plastic-free in our house, but with kids it was just too hard!
  • We send our children to schools in our neighborhood. We chose our house for its walkability. We can walk or bus to groceries, parks, schools, ice cream.

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