IMPWEARhome features aprons, tablecloths, and bags inspired by the zestiness of life — using eco-friendly, coated cotton fabric, which we now design ourselves.  We would love to hear what you'd like to see.

We make all of our products with you in mind, and are devoted to delivering tough, functional, beautiful products. We're a local Seattle business and always have been, so we make sure our stuff can stand up to having coffee spilled in it (while also being rained onas we hike up the side of a mountain).

We live life to the fullest. We cram every minute with fun, play, work. We make fail-proof products that hold up to your projects, your adventures, and your dinner parties. We don’t believe a little spilled wine should stop the joy.

The IMPWEARhome line has been going strong for four years. Once we discovered this coated cotton fabric, we fell in love and never looked back. You have to feel it to believe it. 


Here is the owner, the wrangler, the original maker... ME!

It all started in 6th grade when I won the Singer Sewing Contest after taking my first sewing class. I was so proud of my double knit polyester pant suit (and those great shoes, see the photo to the left!).

After that, I sewed everything — clothes, beanbag chairs, tents, tailored jackets, even jammies for all the kids in the neighborhood.

After babies (3 boys), I started IMPWEARkids — and clothed several generations of Pacific Northwest kids in reversible, bomb-proof play-wear.

I taught art in Seattle Public Schools so kids could learn to make lemons into lemonade — the way all artists and entrepreneurs do.

Today, we donate a portion of our profits to Coyote Central — empowering inner youth through art.

I continue to make my wares in Seattle — creating local jobs, like I have, since 1991. My favorite question is, "What else can I make?"



Hi, I'm Ariel and I'm equally obsessed with sock knitting and organization. My educational background is scientific research, and I love the details like counting inventory, neatly stacking our bags on the shelves, and keeping our books in order.

But I also have a creative side! I love to knit - especially socks and accessories - and also design knitting patterns. A simple knitting pattern can be relaxing and a great thing to do while watching TV or chatting with friends. But a more complex pattern can be challenging and involve problem solving. And it gives me a chance to be a total perfectionist without involving other people! It's the perfect hobby.

I think IMPWEARhome bags make great knitting notions and project bags, and I don't even have to worry about something spilling on my knitting!



That's right, our favorite partner is YOU! Whether you found us at a farmer's market, in your favorite grocery store, through a Google search, or by recommendation from that one gal in your knitting club — we are so happy to have you. Our customers' enthusiasm for our products is what allows us to keep doing what we're doing — and we hope to pay it forward by continuing to deliver quality products that you feel good boasting about.