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Cypress reversible tote Vintage We got press

I get a lot of love when I show my wares/wears to the world!

This summer, my fabulous new assistant, Ariel, of @starilknits who loves to knit and is a knitting designer, went to TNNA in Columbus, Ohio. That's the premier knitting and needlepoint trade show in the country.  The response to our knitting bags was amazing and we even got this fabulous review of our reversible tote by Amy Singer @knitty.com

Head over there and follow her if you are a knitter or a knitting store.  Their articles are insightful and well written.

Vintage/Cypress Reversible Tote

by IMPWEARhome
20"w x 12"h x 6"d 
24" straps 

Buy now at IMPWEARhome

Those who know me know I'm klutzy. I spill things. So having a bag that can resist my liquid magnetism (hehe) is a pretty great thing. These products from IMPWEARhome are just my style. The Reversible Tote is made from their own gorgeous lightweight laminated cotton (the lamination is water-based urethane) with a subtle matte finish. Should you dip your bag in coffee, you can put it in the washer.

I love you, IMPWEARhome.   ...



If you want to read the rest of it, head over to the article. She really captured the reason I do what I do.  I love to design. I most love to design for people who make. Like knitters & crafters. I design the fabrics, and bags to be practical, spill proof and full of projects.

Thankyou, Amy, for the review. Thank you for spreading the love!



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