We have a new employee - a man who loves to cook!

David loves to cook and he loves me. This is my husband who is also an extraordinary maker. I like to make things for people to use while they are making.  Here he making dinner outside on another hot day in Seattle. We have been cooking and eating and swimming (we live close to Lake Washington) outside a lot this summer as we have had day after day of sun!

This photo shows him in front of a wrap-around living wall we built in front of our house a few years ago. Besides the planting area, we made a tiled entry that is crazy.  It was a labor of love.  People stop to take photos of it every day it seems and they always smile.  Little kids have to come in and explore.  Our house is like that. 

On the summer day when I took this photo, this man, David made Paella #7: Cod Paella, Catalan Style. He is using recipes by Penelope Casas' book Paella!  Each one has been amazing. 

 A man who loves to cook and who loves me!


He's our new salesman, by the way. Would you buy IMPWEARhome from this man?


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